2 Synths Worthy of the Big - or Little - Screen

Here are reviews (from earlier this year) of 2 synths that will absolutely tear your head off (I mean that in a good way!), and if you’re doing soundtrack work, will give you the bottom, the grunge, the ambient goodness, to make your scores explode. These are reviews from sonicstate.com, a most excellent site for scoping out synths and all things electronic music-related.

First up is the Moog Slim Phatty monosynth module. Reviewer Nick Batt (love this guy’s reviews; entertaining and informative, and lots of great playing along the way) also talks about how to pronounce Moog! This thing has bottom for days; Bob Moog was a synth designer par-excellence. Here we go:

Next is the Novation Ultranova, a killer virtual analog synth, and descendent of the popular deep blue Supernova. I have a Supernova II Pro X, a beautiful machine. Nick again does a stellar job showing this new machine and it’s capabilities. With lots of wicked effects and crazy sounds, you’ll be able to go real deep programming this machine:

Enjoy, my oscillator and filter-loving friends!