Novation Impulse: Sleek new USB controller; RED!

Novation is releasing the Impulse controller series. They’ve added red to the color scheme. I like red; love my Nord Electro 2, my red keytar…..

Back on topic: this keyboard looks like it’s built like a tank, I love it’s form (sleek and rugged), and am anxious to try one out. Novation claims the Impulse “has been designed to feel like an instrument rather than a computer peripheral.” That’s a good thing. I want to be able to wail on this thing! Some key features: Automap 4, a semi-weighted “precision” keyboard, knobs, faders, back-lit drum pads (you can launch clips in Ableton), free Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station soft synth, and a Loopmasters sample pack. Read all about it here. Check out the video; Novation does good demos. Enjoy!